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pull 英 [pʊl] 美 [ pʊl] vt.& vi. 拉; 扯; 拉过来; 划(船) vt. 赢得; 吸引异性; 取消; (耍手腕)得逞 n. 拖; 爬; 影响力

pull 英[pʊl] 美[pʊl] vt. 拉; 扯; 拉过来; 划(船); vt. 赢得; 吸引异性; 取消; (耍手腕) 得逞; n. 拖; 爬; 影响力; [例句]They have pulled out patients 'teeth unnecessarily 他们毫无必要地拔掉了病人的牙。

cold, that dangerous things live -

酒店英语中“pull down”是什么意思? (1)拉下 eg:To customize the way that bing works, pull down theextras menu in the upper-right and select preferences. 为了对必应工作方式进行客户化,拉下右上角的附加菜单然后选择参数。 (2)降低...

To pull one's leg 初看起来好像和中文里的"拉后腿"的意思差不多。但是真正意思是逗别人,开别人玩笑的意思。 例句: "My roommate said this girl had told him she wouldn't mind going out with me. But when I invited her to a movie, I lea...

拉. 拔 .........

应该是poor guy吧,这是“可怜的人氨的意思。(这倒霉孩子。)

翻译: 拉的重量 重点词汇: pull 拉; 扯; 拉过来; 划; 赢得; 吸引异性; 取消; 得逞; 拖; 爬; 影响力

pull out to open的中文翻译 pull out to open 拔开 双语例句 1 Pull out before you want to open on the back of the circular disk lock plate with hooks, nut spanner remove round nut, reoccupy special pull the son will disc pull out...

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