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Be bold and courageous with your work . 工作中要勇敢自负,勇于冒险。 勇敢 望采纳

timid 胆校 不要胆小,要大胆。 【求采纳】

The be a girl,is to be bold 作为一个女孩,要大胆

友善一些,坚强一些,勇敢一些! 友善,坚强,勇敢!

bold 是加粗,italic 是斜体,underlined 是加下划线。“黑体” 不属于 font style,叫做 font. type 或 font face。

i need to be boldneed to jump in the cold waterneed to grow older with a girl like youfinally seenyou were naturallythe one to make it so easy...

Treat life, you might as well be bold, because we always want to lose it 对待生活,你不妨大胆,因为我们总是想失去它

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1.be bold 有胆量 例子:this guy is really bold。这小伙子可真有胆量。 2.have the courage to 有胆量 例子:He really has the courage to tell...

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